Are You Ready to Progress in Your Career?

At Pink Diamonds Beauté Co we offer a wide array of courses including Brow Tint and Permanent Brows. We offer both in-person and virtual classes! Shawanna has been in the beauty industry for 14 years and can’t wait to teach you all of her tips, tricks, and techniques for your success in the industry as well. After your training, we offer continued support as we want nothing but success for you all! Please read the policies before signing up for any class!
Permanent Make-up is a rapidly growing industry and now is the perfect time for YOU to be a master PMU artist!

      List of Classes you can sign up to: 

 Signature Hybrid Brow Course-Pink Diamonds Beaute Co-Shawanna Watson

Hybrid Brows
 is a combination of Microblading and Ombre Brows (Microshading) that creates a beautiful, gradient brow for your client! This service is ideal for any client and is by far my MOST popular service.

In this course, I will be revealing my pink print on to how I organically built my 6-figure permanent makeup business from the ground up! You will have the ability to take the training at your own pace with 1 year of access. 

Join my Signature Hybrid Brow Course and learn top PERMANENT MAKEUP TECHNIQUES from the best brow slayer in AZ!

You will not learn just one skill in this course but two!

In this 7-Day Signature Hybrid Brow Course, you will learn how to do MICROBLADING and OMBRE BROWS (MICROSHADING).  Both can be a stand alone service but you will be taught how to combine these two permanent brow techniques and perform a HYBRID BROWS

You'll have the option to choose if you want to attend an:

  • IN-PERSON Signature Hybrid Brow Course: ARIZONA
  • IN-PERSON Signature Hybrid Brow Course: TEMECULA
  • IN-PERSON Signature Hybrid Brow Course: HOUSTON
  • ONLINE Signature Hybrid Brow Course (Start anytime and take the course on your own pace)

How the training will go:

Day 1-5: Lessons will be dripped daily to ensure that you have enough time to clearly process all of the information given in the modules. You can also oversee me doing brows in a video that will be unlocked on Day 5.

Day 6: You will come into my studio location and perform the Ombre Brow service on your model under my supervision. 

Day 7: You will come into my studio location and perform the Hybrid Brow service on your model under my supervision. 

When does class start?

Send us a message to know the exact class dates (480) 553-5211.

Do you have questions about our training?

Just SMS 'PMU TRAINING CONSULT' + your name to (480) 553-5211.

*No prior tattoo experience or training needed.*


Ombre Brow Course-Pink Diamonds Beaute Co-Shawanna Watson


Brow Tinting is a quick process that allows you to tint the clients brow hairs and skin a little to give them more color! This is the perfect segway to permanent brows because clients will get the look and feel of long lasting brows without the long-term commitment. This is a win-win because either your client will keep coming back (because they love them) or they will upgrade to permanent brows! 8 out of 10 of my tint clients will become permanent make up clients because they'll love the convenience of not having to fill their brows in, so they will get an idea of what it's like without the long-term commitment.

Study from the comfort and convenience of your home, with an experienced course tutor. With a Facebook support group to answer your questions. Ideal for those who wish to learn treatments for personal interest or to provide pampering to friends, family and clients. Upon completion of the course, you will receive your CERTIFICATE in the mail. 

To know more about the training and inclusions... BOOK A FREE PHONE CONSULT.


Brow Lamination Course-Pink Diamonds Beaute Co-Shawanna Watson

Brow Lamination is an amazing techniques that elongates thinning, curly or sparse brow hairs for a fluffier, fuller look in a non-invasive way. Lasting up to two months, this service is so beautiful as it gives a very flattering lift to the brow and gives the client the ability to form and shape them as they please. The service can be a micro blading alternative as well as a service that’s paired with Permanent and Brows after they’re healed. This course will be launching both virtually and in person in November 2022.


Lash Lift Course-Pink Diamonds Beaute Co-Shawanna Watson

Lash lifts are an amazing alternative for the client that wants the ability to have beautiful longer lashes without the upkeep or potential damage from extensions. This service is ideal for the client who has lashes that grow in different directions, grow downward or straight out. A lash lift will enhance the clients eyes making them look more open. Once completed lashes will look as if they were curled with an eyelash curler but last up to 6 to 8 weeks. This class will be launched both in person as well as virtually in November 2022. Sign up for the waitlist below to be the first to get more information!