How to get more PMU clients in 2022

It’s crazy because every year, things are slightly changing and sometimes it's hard to play catch up

And what's even more annoying is, The fact that you decide that you want to pursue a career in Beauty, go to school or take a certification course and you’re promised a lot of things like…


Yes, we support you all the way! Just email us or DM us after class and we will help you out with anything


We have a list of businesses that are always looking for new talent and we will happily place you somewhere once you graduate..


Then you do what they ask andddd….crickets!


Now, I absolutely LOVE the beauty and Permanent Make up industry and they’re VERY lucrative so everything you've heard is true! In some “just a few” cases you can even hit 6-figures in no time at all!

Now, let's talk about the real truth between what you may have been led to believe and what's actually true….After you pay the deposit for your training, you get a shot of dopamine that you have in the moment makes you feel incredibly hopeful and optimistic about how life is about to change.

Then you take the class and that feeling increases even more but the truth is..

If you haven't made $50k on your own before, wrapping your mind around $100k can be pretty far-fetched and in a lot of cases may feel impossible for you.


Another truth is, making $100k in your beauty business is simple but it isn't easy!


It’s simple because the real key is throwing spaghetti at the wall until something sticks and once it does, doing more of it (and not throwing spaghetti though..silly).

It’s figuring out a strategy that works for you and your business model!

Most coaches talk about speaking to your ideal client but in the beginning, your ideal client is anyone who would ideally pay you for your services and that’s okay!

In fact, it's necessary to take almost anyone in the beginning start getting an idea of those that you want to work with and those that you don’t!

So give yourself grace!

As a single mom, Professional Make up artist, Esthetician and 26x’s Certified Permanent Make up artist (don’t ask why i'm obsessed with learning lol) who has lost EVERYTHING trying to build my beauty business, I understand completely!


I learned a long time ago that I couldn't grow from dreaming without taking any action!


Recession or not, CLIENTS ARE STILL BOOKING IN 2022! Your clients are out there, you are looking for them and they are looking for you but first have to figure out what to do on the daily basis to get them booking!

In order to figure out what's right for you, you have to understand what you're likely doing wrong with your content. So you're in luck!

I created a FREE eBook with 2 checklist that will help you understand what you may be doing wrong as well as give you some direction on how to fix it (and as a bonus, i included content ideas and a checklist on batch creating content to get more done faster), it will be available on Tuesday, October 24th:

I want the FREE eBook!


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